AFRICA EXTERHUM the days of Companies 2ie

2ie, International Institute of Higher Education and Research, aims to train entrepreneurs engineers specialized in the areas of Water and Sanitation, Environment, Energy and Power, Civil Engineering , Mines and managerial Sciences.
2ie organizes every year since 2005 days devoted to meetings between students and graduates on the one hand, and potential employers on the other.
Exterhum Africa was present on 14 and 15 June 2012 among a hundred companies. Exterhum Africa could meet graduates and collect their CV. This was an opportunity to provide everyone a few tips on writing a good resume and job search efforts.
This participation in the Days Enterprises has launched a process of reflection on a collaborative partnership with 2ie which culminated in November 2012 with the signing of a framework agreement.
The link to the 2ie companies Days in 2012: