EXTERHUM AFRICA is a specialized agency in management and supply of personnel in the industrial area. We provide support to customers in the outsourcing management of some HR functions. Conscious of the necessity for you to benefit from qualified and operational personnel with a professional management, the recruitment, the placing and the integral management of the staff are our main service provisions. Our experience lays basically on the recruitment and management of personnel with technical profile, but also administrative.

EXTERHUM AFRICA is a company with very high growth proposing innovative services. The targeted activity sectors, which are industries, are the mainspring sector of our economy and a development lever for the continent. Its needs in qualified personnel are continually increasing.

EXTERHUM AFRICA aims at meeting the challenge of employment in Burkina Faso by relying on the confidence of its partners and customers, with the purpose of positioning itself as a leader in placing and management of personnel in Africa.

Thanks to the expansion of the mining industry in Burkina Faso, our goal is to succeed in crossing the offer of these industries and the demand of Burkina young people in matter of employment. It is thus that EXTERHUM AFRICA is now a member affiliated with the Chamber of Mines of Burkina Faso.

Since 2014, EXTERHUM AFRICA provides rental of plant machinery for mining gold companies.
We have amassed a great earthmoving experience in the mining industry with our project teams, and as specialists, we are able to tackle any size of earthmoving task.


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