Responsible for monitoring Evaluation

Maximum number of records: fifty (50)
Profile / diploma
– Engineer or Master rural development, sociology, economics;
– At least four (04) years of experience;
– Be of Burkinabe nationality;
– Enjoy civic rights and be of good character;
– Be able to make many field trip;
– Have a perfect command of computer skills (spreadsheets, word processing and database);
– Being 45 years old at most, 01 January 2014;
– Be immediately available.
Description of tasks

Perform and / or oversee all activities related to the monitoring and evaluation of activities carried out by or with the support of the structure;
Organize the collection, processing, quality control and analysis of monitoring and evaluation of field data;
Prepare periodic activity programs on time;
Organize and prepare the preparation of periodic reports and assessments of activities in a timely manner;
Ensure capacity building of field structure partners in monitoring and evaluation;
Manage basic monitoring and evaluation data;
Promote collaboration with partners in the area of ​​monitoring and evaluation of the structural activities;
Support field partners to conduct self-assessments and also participatory assessments of field activities;
Implement and / or monitor investigations on the effects and impacts of the structure.
All applicants must submit a physical file at the headquarters of EXTERHUM AFRICA including obligatorily:
1. An updated curriculum vitae, dated and signed;
2. A written request to the General Director, Mrs. EXTERHUM AFRICA;
3. A cover letter;
4. Certified copies of diplomas, certificates and employment certificates;
5. A criminal record dating less than three (3) months;
6. A certified copy of the national identity card of Burkina Faso;
7. A certificate of Burkinabe nationality